Structural engineering and construction

Review paper on analyzing and designing an overhead RCC water tank 150000lit. Situated in the seismic zone -II

Water tanks are used as storage containers for storing water. It is important for the social, as well as industrial development of the country, and water supply projects, are very important. Earthquakes are one of the major natural disasters which have the potential to stop the normal running life of humans causing damage to infrastructure and lifeline overall facilities. Elevated water tanks do not collapse after the earthquake so that is why they are essential for supplying drinking water and quenching fires. If we see the experience of a few earthquakes that occurred in the Bhuj earthquake (2001) in India, RCC water tanks elevated were more damaged and a few water tanks are collapsed directly. The main purpose of this paper is to study the measures of the performance of reinforced concrete elevated water tanks under the dynamic load. In addition to that variation in dynamic responses such as base shear, overturning moment, displacement with change in height of staging, a capacity of the water tank, seismic zone, soil
conditions etc. were also studied.

by Shashti Chandekar & Ganesh Mahalle


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