The Waste Story


Rapid urbanisation, ineffective governance, rising consumption and careless attitude of citizens are working together to contribute to a dire situation in India’s cities. Increasingly, municipal governments are unable to effectively manage the waste their residents produce. Household garbage, litters streets and overflows from garbage bins, which is not only unsightly but creates public health concerns. When municipal governments do manage waste, it is most often disposed of permanently in a dump or landfill, regardless of its content-losing any value that could have been extracted from the garbage, and contributing to serious environmental problems. In particular, the management of organic waste, which makes up a high proportion of India’s urban waste, has created a broken loop in need of repair. Food is produced on farms, brought to cities and eaten; but stems, peels and other kitchen waste ends up on the street or in landfills. Instead, organic material could be composted and turned into a valuable nutrient-rich soil, a potential growing medium for fresh, healthy food. Clearly, current waste management practices in Urban India are unsustainable and inefficient.

by Komal Goyal (Author)

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