Sociol Psychology & Human Relationships


Social psychology is more functional today than ever before. Social psychology proposes valuable insight when we want to understand our selves or the social world around us. Social psychologists study our sense of personal identity, our intuition of other individuals, our conviction about world procedures, the pressure we feel to be conventional to social groups and our search for affection and momentous relationships.

Social psychology also help us to understand the stories behind the topics like worldwide intimidation , racial intolerance, sexual nuisance, the blow of the internet on social life and varying functions of male and female in the present world. It is not astonishing that people in many professions like teaching, health sector , business fields and people in many different professions find social psychology valuable in their work.

In this book, social psychology and human relation I have tried to present the meaning and relationship with other subjects, basic theories, perspectives, role of groups in day to day relationship and collective behaviour.

by Dr. Shabnum Qureshi

  • Paperback: – 190 Pages
  • Edition:- 1st
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  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-9391178871                            


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