The Untold Memories


Some stories are read by people, and some, are felt by hearts. stories that touch a person’s heart and every single word touches just the right cords even if you have never been even near that situation, you feel the person’s emotions and pain. These might not be stories you laugh about and forget, these are stories that shake you up and bring forth the harsh realities and truths that people have been through, somewhere or the other, at times even unnoticed. These stories hit a raw nerve for anyone who’s ever been unfortunately molested, raped or been through difficult times in life. Just because everyone does not cope with situations just the same, the stories would give you the perspectives of strikingly different people and their way of approaching tough times.

by Ram Prudhvi Teja 

  • Paperback: 143 pages
  • Publisher: Novel Nuggets Publishers (18 May 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-9388758314                  

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