Ramayana For Kids (Hardback)


Ramayana is one of the most revered literature of ancient India. It is the story of Rama’s pursuit and Sita’s perseverance. It is the story of Lakshmana’s loyalty and Hanuman’s devotion. It is the story of Ravana’s ahankar or ego, and the victory of good over evil. Ramayana is full of sublime learnings and life lessons. This narrative, re-told and illustrated by Namrata Heda, often dives into couplets to bring the conversations to life while retaining moral values for kids to appreciate and adopt, as they traverse through the most remarkable journey of righteousness.

by Namrata Heda 

  • Paperback: 84 Pages
  • Publisher: Novel Nuggets Publishers (12 August 2023)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-9395312219


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