Fifty One Shades Of Tear


This book is about two persons, Hetvik and Kairavi. Both used to live with their respective families and apparently fell in love with each other. Their life was full of yonder idyllic moments for them. Every day was like a dream come true. 

One day, a phone call came and destroyed their lives. They got separated after that single phone call. They never planned their lives to turn out like this but they are managing it somehow. 

There were no ways to communicate between them, therefore Kairavi used to write her soul out to Hetvik. She considered that he will understand or at least she can converse how she scuffles all of the past years without him through the letters. 

There are fifty-one letters written to Hetvik by Kairavi, describing different whys and wherefores for her tears, while they were apart from each other, but they still felt connected.

What was the reason behind their separation? 

Was it a communication gap or a misunderstanding? 

Are they together now? 

To know all the above questions and many more, read the book!

by Anshita Dhoot

  • Paperback: 182
  • Publisher: Novel Nuggets (2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-9388758093                            Amazon. in

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