Brutally Honest Colleague


Corporate life is a Journey where you have to move effortlessly from one problem to another. One of my former bosses by throwing challenges (with pressure to solve) says, “Solve this problem so that you will be capable to handle bigger problems in life”.

Yes! This book is not for those who want to avoid problems, this book is for those who understand that the game of life is to see problems as puzzles to solve, not situations to worry about!

This book will help people differently based on their career stage!

To those who are new to the job, this book will help approach situations that may arise in the journey!

To those who have already spent years in corporate, this book will help in understanding the situations & easing pressure.

To those in their 50s who are facing a transition in career owing to management change, this book will help in the self-reflection!

To those who have retired from work, this book will take you to nostalgic situations you have encountered in life!

Finally, the stories & Analogies do not flow like movie screens, they move randomly based on experiences and situations. The design of the book is similar to the movement of mind – A Random walkthrough for you through the eyes of A Brutally Honest Colleague.

Happy Reading!

by  Vijay Shenoi (Author)

  • Paperback: – 98 Pages
  • Edition:- 1st
  • Publisher: Novel Nuggets Publishers 
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-9391178505 


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