How To Buy Books easily on NN bookstore!!

Step-by-Step Guide To Make Your Book Purchase Easy!!!

  • Step 1:-  Visit Novel Nuggets bookstore here
  • Step 2:- On the top right Corner click on “My Account” tab as shown in the image below.
  • Step 3:- This leads to a Login/Register Page. Sign up if you are first time user. 
  • Step 4:- Fill in all the required details.
  • Step 5:- Once you have registered yourself, you shall be redirected to Login Page. Login with the method that suits you the best.
  • Step 6:- Once you have logged in Go to Home Page, Click on Search icon and type in the book title you would like to purchase.
  • Step 7:- Click Enter 
  • Step 7:- Click on “Product Title”. It will open Product page for you.
  • Step 8:- Enter The total Quantity you would like to Purchase. And select “Add to Cart”
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  • Step 9:- Click on “View Cart“. Once you land on Cart Page, choose “Buy Now” option or “Proceed To Checkout”
  • Step 10:- Fill in your correct “Billing Address”,  “Shipping Address” if different.
  • Step 11:-  Click “Next” at the bottom right corner
  • Step 12:- Confirm Your Purchase Order and select Your Payment Option. 
  • Step 13:- Tick “Terms & Conditions”  & “Place Order”

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